What is LENS Neurofeedback

The Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) is a form of direct neurofeedback that allows the brain to reset itself for optimal performance. In its most basic sense, LENS is training in self-regulation, a necessary part of optimal brain performance and function which allows the nervous system to function more adaptively.

The LENS is a specific kind of Neurofeedback that operates much more rapidly that traditional systems. Using a very low power electromagnetic field, like the ones that surround digital watches, the LENS facilitates tiny feedback stimulation which results in in brainwave changes.

The result in greater relaxation, sense of ease and improved emotional resilience. LENS neurofeedback is not diagnosis specific. It is not a treatment for any specific condition. It is a generalized process that optimizes brain function.

Benefits of LENS

The LENS works well with problems of the Central Nervous System, which can be numerous. These include:

Cognition - Problems sequencing, memory, providing and maintaining attention, concentration, clarity and organization. Mood - Anger, depression, sadness, explosiveness, PMS, PTSD and Trauma, Birth Trau.png

Clients usually report feeling clear, calm, and fully present immediately after neurofeedback. The progression of states experienced by clients follows a predictable pattern that parallels traditional meditation benefits. These benefits include letting go of sticky emotional states like malice and wanting, balancing energy between emotional and behavioral extremes, and knowing what can and can’t be done. When this initial centering has cleared the big distractions away from being fully present, clients progress through increased awareness, clarity, energy, joy, calm, focus, and contentment.

LENS is a safe and effective for children, adolescents, and adults.

I've tried Neurofeedback/Biofeedback

before, how is LENS different?

Biofeedback systems are used to train the brain to behave in a certain way utilizing operant conditioning, not unlike teaching a dog to sit by repetition. Training the brain in this way requires many lengthy sessions, several times a week over the span of months.

The LENS, however, utilizes a system based upon resetting the brain’s own neural-connectivity, which works faster and requires much less session time than attempting to train a dysfunctional brain.

Alternatively, the LENS resets the neural-connectivity of the brain, allowing the brain to communicate better with itself, and in doing so optimizing it’s own functioning.

What to Expect

LENS is very safe and medication-free. During the session a therapist attaches sensors to the client’s head in order to record their brainwaves (EEG waves). For only a few seconds, LENS mirrors back the brain’s faint electromagnetic impulses. This brain-mirroring allows dysfunctional patterns in the brain to reorganize and optimize functions. The information signal is far weaker than the electromagnetic field around a wrist watch, yet it typically triggers the brain to make profound, lasting changes.

In the first session, 86%, notice improvements and nearly every client experience improvement by the third session. Depending on the symptoms and disorder, a typical course of treatment is between 15 and 20 sessions with each session lasting between 15-20 minutes. Positive changes endure months and even years after the final session. Improvements with autism or recovery from stroke or traumatic brain injuries generally take longer for resolution of symptoms.

| Is neurofeedback a cure? |

In the case of organic brain disorders, it can only be a matter of getting the brain to function better rather than of curing the condition. When it comes to problems of dysregulation, we would say that there is not a disease to be cured. Where dysregulation is the problem, self-regulation may very well be the remedy. But again, the word cure would not apply.

Is LENS safe?

LENS is an FDA-certified Class II device; it is 510K exempt. The Class II 510K exempt medical device classification is a less restrictive certification than a 510K, meaning that LENS is considered by the FDA as safer than 510K devices - which includes most other biofeedback and neurofeedback devices.

LENS Neurofeedback is a non-invasive treatment during which people often report feeling comfortable and calm. In over a million sessions, there have been no significant side effects. Because the brain responds to LENS by reorganizing itself, there may be a new awareness of existing symptoms, such as feeling fatigued, wired, or light-headed. These short-term feelings tend to correct themselves quickly.

It is not necessary to be off medications, drugs, or alcohol before LENS treatment. Please communicate with your prescribing physician about your changing needs for medication. Many people report decreasing their use of medication, and feeling less interested in recreational drugs and alcohol after treatment with LENS.

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