Peak Performance EMDR is an innovated therapy technique shown to be highly effective with all types of performance issues, big, small, public or private. EMDR is often used for those suffering from symptoms of trauma, depression or anxiety, but many are unaware that EMDR can also help people who seek help for impairment or loss of functioning. Performance Enhancement EMDR had shown success with athletes, performance artists, graphic artists, writers, public speakers, and test takers. It can be used to process specific negative experiences and set backs or pervasive issues such as procrastination or performance anxiety.


The central elements of EMDR performance work are identifying blocks to performance, exploring and understanding them, targeting and processing through the blocks, and then bringing new adaptive behaviors into the future. Conscious and unconscious Self-defeating beliefs about yourself or past traumas can get buried in sub-consciousness and block your ability to reach your goals. By processing those negative beliefs and experiences, Peak Performance EMDR helps increase self-confidence and creativity and gives you the inner resources and resiliency to be your best self!

| Is Peak Performance EMDR for You? |

Is anything holding you back from working or living out your full potential? Are you someone who feels like you’re not working or playing at the top of your game? Do you wish you had more confidence in your performance, get nervous about presentations or exams, struggle when performing or playing since an injury, or feel stressed when you have to work with a team or get in front of an audience? Do your fears keep you from pursuing your future goals? If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” Peak Performance EMDR can help identify that issue and process it in a way that frees you to perform at your best!

| Peak Performance EMDR can help with |

  • Get over fear of Public Speaking

  • Get past performance blocks

  • Get past injuries

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Get past performance anxiety

  • Get past a bad performance

  • Release the negative emotional patterns that feed into feeling bad

  • Be in the present moment – making success more likely

  • Lean how to manage failure

  • Helps to calm intense emotions

  • Manage both internal and external distractions

|LENS Neurofeedback for Concussion and Performance Enhancement|

Even small bumps to the head can add up to big losses of concentration and attention. You don’t have to have a history of contact sports or whiplash to suffer from head-trauma symptoms such as memory loss, irritability, foggy thinking, procrastination, light sensitivity, and low confidence.

LENS neurofeedback can work to restore the brain’s optimal functioning after head trauma resulting in clearer thinking, contentment, energy regulation, greater awareness, new confidence, better concentration, and wise decisions after sessions.

During a LENS sessions, an EEG works to read brainwaves on the head, and faintly echoes them back through the same three sensor wires for just a few seconds. Our wise brains use this faint yet accurate information to reorganize priorities, letting go of energy patterns that still defend against the head trauma that has already happened. The result is a reduction in symptoms and new resources to easily handle the challenges of today.

Many health-professionals agree that LENS Neurofeedback is the preferred treatment for thinking problems after head trauma. Traumatic brain injury and concussion symptoms may only require a short treatment protocol for LENS to restore and often just a few sessions are needed to restore full mental restoration.