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Personal Privacy & Social Media Policy

Personal Privacy, Communication & Social Media Policy PDF

Providence Personal Privacy Policy 

This policy outlines the privacy practices and expectations for clients at Providence Therapy. 

The policy is designed to inform clients about the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). It applies to all current and past adult clients of Providence Therapy. Personal Information, according to PIPA, refers to information that can identify an individual or information about an identifiable individual. Providence Therapy collects and uses personal information only relevant to providing therapeutic services, such as counseling, responding to inquiries, providing resources to you, managing third-party communications, and organizing consultations. This information is securely stored on the Canadian-based online practice management system, Jane App. All client records are stored by Providence Therapy and Providence Therapy remains responsible for these records for 7 years. Transfer of client records or copies of  records is possible when authorized by the client in writing. 

Clients have the option to receive newsletters and can manage their online waiting list status through the Jane app portal. While Providence Therapy's website collects aggregate data for statistical purposes, it does not actively collect personal and identifiable information about individuals. 
Email communication is not considered secure for confidential information. Please keep this in mind when communicating personal health information via email. Client privacy is safeguarded within the premises, with physical files stored securely. 

A selection of counselors at Providence Therapy may utilize the therapist sidekick, a HIPPA-compliant and encrypted note-taking tool to aid the flow of sessions. The Therapist's sidekick supports sessions by temporarily capturing the audio of a session, or capturing a therapist's verbal summary of the session, and creating a comprehensive record for clients' files. The Therapist sidekick takes the highest priority in protecting client information and data and permanently deletes captured audio once the note has been created. Notes are deidentified, encrypted, and do not carry any identifying information. 

Notes are stored in our PIPA-compliant Jane-App management software. Not all counselors utilize this support software. You can revoke your consent to the use of the therapist's sidekick at any time. Providence Therapy does not disclose personal information to any third party without the client's express written consent. The clinic is committed to securely storing and maintaining client information as per the requirements of the BCACC, and all electronic and paper files are archived for seven years. Clients have the right to access their files, with third-party information redacted to preserve privacy. However, Providence Therapy reserves the right to refuse file release if it may cause harm. The Privacy Policy may undergo periodic revisions, and the latest version will be available on the Providence Therapy website under forms and policies

Providence Therapy Online Communication & Social Media Policy

The Social Media Policy of Providence Therapy follows the BCACC guidelines for Registered Clinical Counsellors (RCC) using social media. The policy outlines the office's approach to social media interactions and emphasizes the confidentiality and privacy of clients.

 Communication through email, fax, and text messages may pose security risks to your information. Please keep in mind these are not confidential forms of communication and if you choose to communicate in this way, you as a client understand the risks associated with this. Emails, Faxes, and text messages may be included in counseling records. Please note that while our E-mails are not encrypted, our computers and electronic devices are encrypted and password protected. If we submit information about you electronically, it will be done with the best safeguards we can provide to ensure confidentiality. Please DO NOT use e-mail, text messaging, or faxes for emergencies. 

The social media accounts of Providence Therapy and our team are used for educational purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information on or throughout our website and social media sites. However, information may inadvertently contain misinformation or typos as information in the field of psychology is always evolving. Content shared on social media is not intended to be educational. We are not medical doctors, registered dieticians, or nutritionists, and any information provided through our social media platforms is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Our online education is no substitute for professional therapy and we recommend you always consult your medical doctor before starting any new physical health regime. 

Clients are welcome to follow the clinic and staff on these professional platforms, however, practitioners will not interact with clients on social networking sites or accept friend requests from current or former clients to maintain confidentiality and ethical boundaries. Therapists at Providence Therapy also refrain from viewing clients' online content. If you choose to follow Providence Therapy on social media, we assume that you understand the risks to confidentiality that this interaction may pose.

 In rare cases of potential harm, therapists may resort to using search engines to ensure client safety, with full documentation and discussion with the client following such actions.

Business Review Sites

Providence Therapy's policy regarding business review and search engine sites such as Yelp, Google, Yahoo Local, Bing, and others, states that the listing on these sites is not an overt request for a testimonial, rating, or endorsement from clients. As per the BCACC Standards, therapists are prohibited from soliciting testimonials from clients due to ethical considerations and undue influence. 

While clients have the right to express themselves on these platforms, your therapists cannot respond to any reviews, whether positive or negative, due to confidentiality. Clients are encouraged to express their feelings and reactions directly in the therapy process. 

While Providence Therapy appreciates positive Google reviews, if a client chooses to write a review, it is entirely voluntary, and not under any form of solicitation by Providence Therapy. 
We stress the importance of maintaining confidentiality and encourage clients to safeguard their privacy when sharing personally revealing information on public forums.

Confidentiality & Our Client Care Team

The clinic's client care support staff at Providence Therapy, although not registered counselors are bound by ethical and contractual obligations to maintain client confidentiality. Despite accessing personal identification information for client support, they do not have access to clinical records or client case information for confidentiality purposes. 

While therapists are ethically restrained from interacting with clients on online and social media platforms, clinical support staff, such as social media managers, coordinators, and client care team members, may engage with online comments, reviews, and social media platforms for quality care management and client support. However, any interactions that occur uphold the highest level of confidentiality with respect to client sessions and sensitive information.

Clients are encouraged to bring any questions or concerns about these policies to the attention of their therapist for discussion.

Please contact our team directly at for any inquiries about this policy.

If new technology develops or policy changes occur, clients will be notified in writing, and the website information will be updated accordingly.

Date: 01/10/2024