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The interconnectedness of the mind, body, spirit, and nervous system— profoundly shapes mental health, trauma recovery, and emotional balance.

Unlike traditional clinics, we combine advanced therapies, and innovative technologies, to address both mental and physical complexities of your recovery.

Elevating you through expert guidance and heartfelt care.

Tasha Davidson (R.C.C.)
Clinical Associate
Debra Rapske (MACP)
Senior Associate, Registered Clinical Psychologist
Ainsley Kensall (M.C.P., R.C.C.)
Clinical Associate
Dorsa Sobhani (M.S.W., RSW)
Clinical Associate & Registered Social Worker
Sarah Newland (DVATI, R-CAT)
Clinical Associate & Art Therapist
Martina Nova (M.C.P., RCC, CCTP)
Clinic Owner, Clinical Director & Senior Associate
Chris Vu (M.C.P.: AT, RCC)
Clinical Associate & Art Therapist
Emily Macdonell (M.C., RCC, CCC)
Jr. Associate
Andrea Slamaj (MCP, RCC *PENDING*
Graduate Associate
Johnathan Jung (M.C.P., RCC, PCP-IV)
Jr. Associate
Nikki Hollinson (MCP, R.C.C.)
Clinical Associate
Alysha Aubin (MCP, RCC)
Clinic Owner, Clinical Director & Senior Associate
Chelsea Lichtensteiger (B.H.S., M.C.P., R.C.C.)
Clinical Associate
Christen McCallum
Founder, Owner & Senior Associate
Dr. Watson
Therapeutic Support Animal
Therapeutic Support Animal
Sarah Newland
Clinical Associate & Art Therapist


We’re a group therapy team of Registered Clinical Counsellors, Social Workers, and Psychologists who work independently but hold aligned values and skill sets, and share a common space.

This sets us apart and ensures that our services are precisely tailored to address the unique adversities you face.

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We believe that genuine human connection is essential for healing at Providence Therapy. Our environment provides an opportunity for secure exploration of life stories in a compassionate relationship.

We recognize the value of looking back. Retrospection involves examining how past events have influenced our current selves. This practice can reveal how the threads of our life experiences are woven together, offering insight that guides us towards a brighter future.

We believe in an Integrative and Experiential approach to healing that considers the entirety of your Mind-Body-Spirit-Emotional experiences. Our strategic model engages with these aspects to promote integrative healing from the foundation of the concern, addressing the roots of the issue rather than just the symptoms.

We recognize you have complex experiences, and we recognize that effective treatment requires understanding the neuro- and bio-physiological aspects of your concerns. We integrate science and technology through Neurotherapeutic Assessment and Training to create a personalized treatment plan for you.

We recognize and honour the inherent worth of every person who walks through our doors, and we actively cultivate a space that values diversity and fosters belonging. Our physical office space reflects this commitment to inclusivity and serves as a sanctuary for all who seek healing with us.

We believe in the power of genuine care and healing through a relational, retrospective, and integrative and experiential therapeutic process. Our hope for you is that by exploring your story in our environment of therapeutic connection, you'll find peace, healing, and meaning in your circumstances as you move forward into the next chapter of your life.

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