Art Therapy


Art Therapy is a blend of psychotherapy and creative expression. You are encouraged to use art to voice inner conflicts, while the therapist provides guidance and support. Depending on your preferences, different art materials and mediums may be used to aid in the process. By incorporating elements like color, texture, form, line, and symbol, clients can express things that may be difficult to articulate verbally. Art Therapy is an opportunity to delve into and resolve obstacles to achieving personal fulfilment.

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art therapy vancouver bc

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Our Approach

Art Therapy

At Providence Therapy, we offer Art Therapy as a powerful treatment option in our holistic and trauma-informed counselling practice. 

Art Therapy combines the benefits of psychotherapy with the expressive nature of the arts, providing a unique and powerful means for individuals to explore and heal.

So, what exactly is Art Therapy?

It is a therapeutic approach that invites you to engage in art-making as a means to express their emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Within a safe and supportive environment, you can explore your inner world and find new ways to communicate and process your feelings. The therapist serves as a guide and ally throughout this creative process.

In a typical Art Therapy session, you have the freedom to use various art materials and mediums based on their needs and preferences. From paint and clay to collage and drawing, the possibilities are endless. Through color, texture, form, line, and symbol, individuals can express what may be difficult to put into words. The process of creating art becomes a powerful tool to tap into the deeper aspects of our being.

What are the benefits of Art Therapy? 

Firstly, it allows for self-expression in a non-verbal and non-threatening way. For those who struggle with verbalizing their emotions, art-making offers a safe outlet for self-discovery and communication. Additionally, the creative process can foster self-awareness, insight, and personal growth. Through art therapy, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, and your experiences.

Art Therapy can be particularly effective for people who have experienced trauma or are dealing with various mental health challenges. It can help those struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, self-esteem issues, and other emotional difficulties. Art Therapy can also be beneficial for individuals on a self-exploration journey, seeking personal transformation, or simply looking to enhance overall well-being.

Why Art Therapy?

One of the strengths of Art Therapy is its ability to bypass the limitations of verbal communication. Some emotions and experiences may be difficult to put into words, but art provides a means to express and communicate them symbolically. Through symbols, metaphors, and visual representations, clients can explore and process their thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-threatening way.

Art Therapy offers a range of additional benefits that can positively impact an individual's well-being. It can help in:

1. Emotional expression and regulation:

Art-making allows you to release and manage your emotions in a healthy and constructive manner.

2. Self-exploration and self-awareness:

Engaging in the creative process can facilitate self-reflection and deep introspection, leading to a greater understanding of yourself and personal growth.

3. Stress reduction:

The act of creating art can be inherently calming and can provide a much-needed respite from daily stressors.

4. Trauma healing:

Art Therapy can support people dealing with trauma by providing a safe space for expressing and processing traumatic experiences.

5. Self-esteem enhancement:

Creating art and receiving non-judgmental validation and support from the therapist can boost self-confidence and self-worth.

6. Relationship building:

Art can be a powerful tool for exploring and understanding your relationships with others, fostering empathy and communication skills.

Art Therapy is suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. It is especially beneficial if you may struggle with traditional talk therapy or find it difficult to verbalize emotions. Art-making provides a tangible and concrete outlet for communication and self-expression.

At Providence Therapy, we recognize you're unique. Therefore, our Art Therapy sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Our skilled therapists are trained in utilizing art as a therapeutic tool and will guide you through the creative process with compassion and expertise.

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