Performance Enhancement For Athletes, Performers, & Academics


Are you someone who feels like you’re not working or playing at the top of your game? Do you find yourself lacking confidence, feeling nervous about presentations or exams, or experiencing difficulty getting back into the game after an injury? If so, consider Peak Performance EMDR and OEI and LENS Neurofeedback for Performance, which can help you overcome these challenges and perform at your highest level.

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neurofeedback therapy near me

neurofeedback therapy near me

Our Approach

Peak Performance Enhancement

With our performance enhancement interventions, we aim to support you in achieving your goals, improving skills, and optimizing performance in respective fields.

We offer specialized treatment options to enhance performance for athletes, performers, and academics. 

Our holistic and trauma-informed counseling practice provides a unique approach to help individuals reach their full potential.

What is Performance Enhancement Therapy?

Performance enhancement therapy is a personalized intervention designed to optimize individual performance and enhance skills across various domains, including athletics, performing arts, and academics. This treatment approach combines evidence-based psychotherapy techniques with strategies specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of these individuals.

What Does a Session Look Like?

During a performance enhancement therapy session at Providence Therapy, our skilled and experienced therapists provide a supportive and collaborative environment. We work closely with clients to identify their specific performance goals, areas of improvement, and challenges they face. Sessions typically include the following components:

1. Assessment:

In the initial session, we conduct your comprehensive assessment to gain an understanding of your current performance level, strengths, weaknesses, and any psychological or emotional factors that may impact your performance.

2. Goal Setting:

Together, we establish clear and realistic performance goals that align with your aspirations. These goals serve as a guide throughout the therapy process, ensuring we stay focused on the outcomes you desire.

3. Skills Training:

Our therapists utilize various evidence-based techniques to help you develop and refine the specific skills required for your chosen endeavour. These may include goal-setting, visualization, mindfulness, relaxation exercises, self-talk, neurotherpy or neurofeedback, and performance routines.

4. Psychological Strategies:

We address psychological factors that impact performance, such as anxiety, self-doubt, fear of failure, and perfectionism. Through evidence based techniques, we help you manage these challenges, build resilience, and develop a positive mindset.

5. Performance Feedback:

Regular performance feedback is a crucial part of performance enhancement therapy. Our therapists provide constructive feedback, evaluation, and ongoing support to help you track progress, make necessary adjustments, and maintain motivation.

6. Holistic Approach:

We emphasize a holistic approach that considers the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. We may incorporate techniques such as guided imagery, breathwork, neurotherapy, and stress management to enhance overall well-being and optimize performance.

Benefits of Performance Enhancement Therapy

Engaging in performance enhancement therapy can result in numerous benefits, including:

1. Improved Performance:

By focusing on targeted skill development, mental preparedness, and psychological well-being, clients often experience improvements in performance, achieving their personal best.

2. Enhanced Confidence:

Overcoming performance-related obstacles and working closely with a supportive therapist fosters increased self-confidence and belief in one's abilities.

3. Stress Reduction:

Learning effective stress management techniques and developing resilience helps athletes, performers, and academics handle pressure, reducing performance-related anxiety.

4. Focus and Concentration:

The therapy techniques employed at Providence Therapy assist you in sharpening your focus, improving concentration, and maintaining performance flow.

5. Motivation and Goal Attainment:

Through goal-setting exercises and ongoing support, performance enhancement therapy helps you stay motivated and boosts your chances of attaining your desired goals.

Who Can Benefit from Performance Enhancement Therapy?

Performance enhancement therapy at Providence Therapy is beneficial for..

1. Athletes:

Whether you're a professional athlete or participate in recreational sports, we can help you optimize your performance and achieve your athletic goals.

2. Performing Artists:

Musicians, dancers, actors, and other performing artists can benefit from performance enhancement therapy to enhance stage presence, manage performance anxiety, and fine-tune their skills.

3. Academics:

Students, researchers, and professionals seeking to improve their academic performance, concentration, and productivity can gain valuable insights and techniques through performance enhancement therapy.

4. Public Speakers:

If you struggle with public speaking and wish to enhance your communication skills, reduce anxiety, and deliver powerful presentations, this therapy can provide valuable support.

5. Professionals in High-Stress Environments:

Individuals working in high-stress professions, such as first responders, military personnel, or executives, can benefit from the stress management and performance optimization skills offered in this intervention.

Take the Next Step with Providence Therapy

If you're ready to take your performance to the next level, Providence Therapy is here to support you.

Our performance enhancement therapy offers a holistic and trauma-informed approach tailored to your specific needs.

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