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Alysha Aubin

Certified Trauma-focused Therapist, Registered Clinical Counsellor, Owner & Clinical Director

Hi I’m Alysha, Clinical Director, Partner, and Registered Clinical Trauma Counsellor here at Providence.

  • Certified EMDR Therapist
  • Certified Level Two OEI Therapist
  • Level Two PACT Couples Therapist
  • Neurotherapy Technician
  • Formally trained EFT Couples Therapist
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vancouver trauma counselling

vancouver trauma counselling

vancouver trauma counselling

Healing the Mind & Heart

Understanding Trauma’s Impact on the Brain

Trauma and Attachment Impacts the Brain

Relationships are beautiful but can also be complex and nuanced. Couples can often experience communication breakdowns, trust issues, intimacy struggles and life transitions that impact their bond. 

Individuals can often find themselves at crossroads in life, facing a multitude of challenges such as anxiety, depression, or simply feeling stuck. However, trauma can also cast a long shadow on an individual’s well-being throughout life. Whether it’s a single traumatic event or a history of complex trauma, the brain’s response can be profound, and can continue to impact a person’s well-being long after it’s occurrence.  

Couples and Individuals Seeking Connection and Healing 

As a dedicated and compassionate couples and trauma therapist, I am committed to guiding individuals and couples through the complexities of their emotional journeys. With an understanding of the impact of trauma on our nervous systems, relationships, and personal well-being I help individuals and couples understand how trauma effects the brain, influences emotions, behaviours and relationships. I believe that relationships are built around three main areas: attachment, developmental neuroscience, and biological arousal regulation. Understanding how the brain works provides the physiological framework for why we act and react to our world. Combined with the explanation for our biological need to bond, how our early experiences/relationships create the blueprint for our understanding of safety and security in adulthood allows me to support individuals and couples to connect, heal, grow, and thrive.  By exploring these together, we can understand how our history, present, and future may be affected individually and in our relationships. And how we might move forward in a healthy way. Through trauma-informed care, I support clients in processing and re-integrating their experiences, fostering healing and resilience. The focal points are to help couples rediscover and rebuild connections after trauma or relational challenges. By facilitating open communication, fostering understanding, and offering evidence-based and neuro-based ways in which to effectively navigate conflict and resolution, while building secure functioning within the couple dynamic. 

In addition to working with couples, I work with individuals as a trauma therapist, well-versed in supporting individuals heal from the long-lasting effects of traumatic experiences. Through trauma-focused therapies, such as EMDR and OEI, I not only help heal the nervous system but empower individuals to process their emotions, reframe their narratives, and embark on a journey of healing and resilience. 

Empowering Transformation

I understand that every individual and couple is unique, which is why I tailor my therapeutic interventions to suit the needs and goals of each of my clients. I do this by bringing a blended approach of evidence-based therapeutic modalities such as PACT, EMDR and OEI with a personalized touch. This creates a safe and nurturing space for clients and couples to explore their emotions, heal from trauma and navigate the complexities of being in intimate relationships. Through this process couples and individuals learn to navigate adversity, heal trauma on a neurological level, and emerge stronger. My couples, learn to create a foundation of trust, safety, and support from the very first session. 

Couples that once grappled with communication breakdowns, and emotional disconnection find renewed understanding and deepened intimacy. They discover and implement effective tools for navigating conflicts, building trust, security, and safety, and fostering a profound emotional bond. 

In the realm of trauma therapy, individuals heal from the grips of trauma. Clients who once felt trapped by anxiety, depression, and emotional pain can now feel empowered, safe, and confident as individuals navigating their life. 

Continuous Learning and Growth

 I am a Registered Clinical Trauma Therapist and a graduate of Adler University with a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. I graduated with an Honours Degree Majoring in Psychology and Minoring in Criminology from the University of Ottawa. In the early years of my career, I worked with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families, where I hold formal and informal training from the University of Sydney and ASPECT. This led me to pursue working with couples. I have formal and certified training in EMDR, OEI, and PACT. Similarly, I am a trained LENS Neurofeedback technician and currently working toward further neurotherapy training. I am committed to staying up to date with the latest research and therapeutic approaches to ensure that my clients receive the most effective and evidence-based tailored care. My dedication to continued learning reflects my genuine desire to provide the highest quality support and care to those who entrust me with their healing journey. 

Client Focus/Demographics

  • Couples
  • Individuals
  • Youth (10+)


Formal training: EMDR, OEI, LENS Neurofeedback, PACT, ASPECT (ASD training), Gottman Level 1

Informal training: Business management, IFS, leadership, and development, continued support and training in PACT consultation


Complex, Developmental & Pre-Verbal trauma, PTSD, Anxiety & Depression, Intimate partner relationship counselling, divorce and separation, and mental health support for youth.

More than a Therapist

I have a deep passion for travelling and discovering the world. Ironically, I’m also quite a homebody, mostly enjoying spending quiet time with my partner and cuddling, being outdoors with my Golden Retriever, Dr. Watson, who frequently helps me in the therapy room. He loves a good belly rub if you see him around the office and loves to wrestle with his best friend Kona.