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Kona & Dr.Watson

Therapeutic Support Animals

Meet Our Furry Team Members

Kona the GoldenDoodle and Dr. Watson the Golden Retriever are our therapeutic pets at Providence! These two are best buddies, and you may even catch them having a wrestle together in our waiting room from time to time.

Monday - Fridays

Dr. Watson the Golden

Dr. Watson is a standard golden retriever with a gentle soul. He loves a good scratch and you can usually find him with at least two or three toys in his mouth at once. He loves coming to work with Alysha and playing with his best buddy, Kona.

A happy boy, you can usually count on Watson’s happy dog bum acting with its own mind, wagging about and knocking into things. Though he may not be self-aware or coordinated, Watson has a lot of love to give and his calm and soothing presence is a gift to our clients and staff.

Mr. Kona (“The Konas”)

Kona is a medium-sized F1 golden doodle with a personality! While Kona can have his anxious moments, he warms up fast and loves the clients that come into the office to hang out with him. In a session, Kona loves to snuggle up next to his familiar client friends and show off his toys. He loves to give kisses and is intuitive to clients’ emotional needs.

If he’s not in session with clients, Kona can usually be found snoozing in a corner, showing off his latest tricks for some treats, wrestling with Watson, or searching the clinic looking for his next belly rub. Kona is a vocal little boy and loves to share with grunts and whines all his stories about what’s going on in his world. He can’t wait to meet you!